Morina and Julian.

Last year I was asked to do the photographs for Morina and her husband to be Julian on their big day. Unfortunately as with most events last year Covid put a halt to all plans for the summer, not to be deterred the wedding date was set again for the 4th of December. A small wedding was now on the cards (less than 20). As with all events on a Scottish Island in the winter the weather would be an important factor as well. Our beautiful winter months did not let us down with a wind of 50+mph. Even Covid and the weather couldn't put a dampener on a beautiful day for the happy couple. Braving the cold winds we managed outside for a few shots and I will return in the summer to get full family pictures done outside. With Julian's family being in Liverpool and the travel restrictions in place they turned to the latest technology and had a laptop setup with zoom. This setup enabled all of Julian's family and friends who couldn't travel still enjoy their big day from walking down the aisle to the wedding speeches.

Trying to get an outdoor shot in a gale.

Setting up Zoom.