Fresh start.

After a long period of not writing i once again embark on this blogging journey. I'm hoping you missed me (I'm sure at least 1 of you did??) and this time around I plan to focus the bog on a few key areas.

1 - I love the Islands I live on and if you are a follower of my Instagram or Facebook page you know how much I like to show them off. If you don't follow them jump over and check them out, I really do like to show them off.

2 - I really think sharing more of my personal and family life would show how my creative side works and what leads me to the photographs I take.

3 - Photography tips and tricks, also a few lessons on what I have learned over the years I have been a photographer. I will be having a look a film photography as well as Cyanotype and Pinhole photography. I would like to bring a little fun back into a business that seems to be so focused on the latest and greatest gear that the photo seems to be the last thing on peoples mind these days.

I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am and I will be posting as regularly as I can (no slipping this time!!).